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My First Christmas

This year is my first Christmas for many reasons. I wanted to share them with you because some of it is good and some of it is bad. This is my first Christmas as a grandmother to Mia Claire. I haven’t enjoyed the holidays since starting my divorce in 2004. The girls were always pulled in two directions and they have rarely been there to open presents on Christmas morning…

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Limited Edition Makeup by One Direction Review

This can be a very merry Christmas for the tween or teen in your life. The new limited edition makeup by One Direction will make her squeal with delight. These limited edition tins offer bold shades and fun for each girl that receives one. The best thing is that they are priced just right for any budget. There is a limited edition tin for each band member and they include eye shadow,…

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KISS InstaWave Review

Do you want natural looking curls? Do you want to save time? Do you want it to be easy? The KISS InstaWave is the product for you. With the KISS InstaWave it is easy to create different types of curls with the push of a button. The KISS Instawave is fully automatic and creates beautiful curls in either direction. (using both directions creates more natural looking curls). The KISS InstaWave…

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Fashion Reviews

Marley Lilly Monogrammed Scarf Review

  One of the best accessories is the scarf. You can wear it with a short-sleeved shirt to add a little pizzaz to your outfit or you can wear it with long sleeves to keep warm. One thing you don’t do is wear it with a jacket in Arizona. It just doesn’t get cold enough to wear it like a New Yorker might. One company that does scarves well is…

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