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Do you drink coffee? How about tea? Perhaps you celebrate 5 o’clock with a glass or two of wine. If you are anything like me you drink or eat something that is staining your teeth. You may not even realize that your teeth are stained because you are so used to the color they are now. You see, I am an avid lipstick user and can see the shade of my teeth change depending on the shade of my lipstick. Thankfully there is an easy, at home solution for getting whiter teeth. I’ve heard of some people saying this doesn’t work for them, perhaps they’re not using it properly but either way I told one of my friends about different London Dentists so she was able to go and get her teeth whitened professionally.

I was recently lucky enough to receive a Beaming White Deluxe Whitening System. This kit has everything needed to get your teeth 10 shades whiter. Let me repeat that, 10 shades whiter than they are now. The kit came neatly packaged in a blue, zippered, and easy to travel with case.

Inside the case were all the goodies that helped get my choppers 10 shades whiter. It included the set of upper and lower whitening trays and a case for them. I had to heat water on the stove and then dip in and form to my teeth. This proved to be a bit challenging for me. I don’t think it was the trays but my technique. I finally gave up and used some old trays I had.

The 36% peroxide whitening gel is strong! I could feel it start to work right away. I noticed my teeth begin to whiten after the first application. Beaming White also provides a re-mineralizing gel that is designed to prevent or eliminate tooth sensitivity. My teeth are normally a bit sensitive so I needed to use this stuff right away. The directions stated to use AFTER your whitening session but I applied it around my gums while my trays were in. This helped my teeth from becoming too sore from the whitening. *Disclaimer—you should follow the directions!

I thought it was pretty nifty that Beaming White includes an LED accelerator light too. This light is designed to speed up the process. I have used other whitening kits and really didn’t see much difference using the light with the trays. It does look pretty cool in your mouth though!

Overall I feel that the Beaming White Deluxe Whitening System is a good value for the money. You can get the kit at 80% off right now by using the code MELISSA80. It whitened my teeth nicely although I wouldn’t say 10 shades. I also drink coffee and tea daily so I always reversed what progress I had made because I won’t drink out of straw.

So instead of paying hundreds on a dentist office visit to have your teeth whitened go check out Beaming White, the system that is dentist approved. There are actually other ways of whitening your teeth at home, and if you’re after something more natural then you should take a look at using coconut oil. You can use this with other products as well such as charcoal to help get your teeth whiter and brighter, take a look at authority on dental coconut oil for more information. However, if you are having issues with your teeth that whitening won’t solve, I would definitely recommend you visit a dentistry office, like dentist Milltown.

I was provided this product for review purposes. The opinions provided are 100% mine. Thank you Beaming White!

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