You Can’t Handle The Truth


That’s right, YOU, can’t handle the truth.

We have all had that moment when we read someone’s post or look at their photos on Facebook and think ” I wish that was me”.

Don’t lie. We all have a handful of friends that post about EVERY flipping amazing trip they take. It makes us INSANELY jealous because either we don’t have the funds or we just can’t get away because of work or whatnot.

I have been spending less and less time on Facebook for this reason in particular. I find my little green monster creeping up because of all the wonderful travel photos I see, not to mention all of the political and religious crap. Those two subjects will have their own post eventually, but I digress. I like many posts but comment on very little. I stay out of trouble that way.

Snickers knows you can’t handle the truth.


Here it is, that truth that YOU can’t handle.

We  can create our happiness.

I know. I didn’t realize I had such words of wisdom either. This, my friends, is the single most important thing I have learned in my wise 29 39  years.

I leave you with this; when you are looking at the posts of friends and wishing you could do the same, remember what matters most to you and CREATE YOUR HAPPINESS!

I have included a list of my guilty pleasures that help me create my happiness! Enjoy!

  1. Getting up early and sitting in silence while the rest of the house sleeps. I listen to the birds chirp and watch my dogs take naps even though they just woke up.
  2. Enjoying a REALLY great cup of coffee. It doesn’t have to be one that I paid for. It can be right from my Keurig and have a nice creamer.
  3. SHOPPING, SLEEP, SEX, in that exact order. All make me one happy lady.
  4. Laughter. It can be at my expense or the expense of someone else. I don’t care as long as I laugh.
  5. Seeing KARMA in action. I have had too many crappy things happen to me to not enjoy this in action.

This is not a complete list but you get the idea. I choose to create my happiness.

Some things that should make me happy but I choose to ignore are cooking, having a clean house (it means I cleaned), and a great pair of shoes.

What makes you happy?

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