Blended Conference Benefits

blended conference benefits

Who doesn’t love to share good news? My good news is that I am an ambassador for the upcoming Blended Conference in Arizona. This means I get to share good news about how awesome this conference is. The benefits of this conference seem to be endless but you get to decide what fits your blog best!

Thankfully, I was able to attend the conference in 2014. I learned some valuable information that I was able to implement on my blog. I also made some lasting friendships with fellow bloggers. I learned things that I didn’t realize I needed to know. Things like how to take a better photo and how to pitch to brands so they will want to work with me. I had two WOW moments from last year that included hearing from Maria Bailey from Mom Talk Radio. She is one talented and smart business woman. My second was taking head shots with Kate from Songs Kate Sang. They turned out beautiful and I highly recommend her photography skills.

This year is going to be just as spectacular. The lineup of speakers is nonetheless than jaw dropping. I know my highlight this year will be hearing from the well-known Tiffany Romero of the Sits Girls and Sway Group. She is down to earth and has some major knowledge to drop on the attendees. Another benefit is getting to know the speakers. I love getting to know new bloggers! Take a look at this list of talented speakers!

This year the schedule looks interesting and still different from last year. It looks like we will be covering how to attract opportunity. I am excited about this one simply because I want to be busy with my blog and business! Something I can never get enough of is Pinterest and Photography. I know this is critical to building a Pinterest following. One you won’t want to miss is legal related and talks about trademark and copyright. She even goes into tax concerns. All the subjects can benefit any blogger, experienced or green!

blended conference 2015

If I still haven’t convinced you to attend the 2015 Blended Conference in Phoenix, perhaps you are a know it all and can help me with some of these issues. Seriously though, take a look at the hotel! Not only can you get your room for $99 but you get water park tickets too! The family can join in on your fun too! The discounted rate for Blended tickets ends on May 1st so you have to act fast. DO IT NOW!

I hope to see you there. Now tell me what you are looking forward to the most!

Honey House Naturals

I recently received a package in the mail from Honey House Naturals. I found the company on Zulily and wrote to them. I had never done such a thing before but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. In fact, I am now making a habit of scavenging Zulily to find not-so-popular companies that wouldn’t mind some exposure.

sample products

Samples sent from Honey House Naturals

When I opened the box two weeks ago I was excited to see they didn’t skimp on the samples. I was expecting much less but Honey House Naturals included full size products of at least two items and so much more. I love natural products but find some of them are missing the mark when it comes to doing their job. Honey House Naturals is NOT one of those that miss the mark. All of the products I tested work and I will be making a purchase of my favorite product after this post. I love this company so much that I will also be running a giveaway.

Don’t forget that I use a point system created out of my love of lip gloss. 5 LGPs or Lip Gloss Points for “this product is popping” and 1 LGP for “this product is pale”.  Now, on to the review.

1. Lip Butter– ($4.95) they sent me three in different flavors. I got Apple Pear, Raspberry Pomegranate, and Tangerine. If you know anything about me, you know I am a Burt’s Bees girl when it comes to lip balm. Honey House Naturals has me on the hook though. Not only do these smell amazing, they made my lips so very soft. There was NO aftertaste which is why I love this product so much. This gets 5 LGPs!

2. Bee Bar Cream– ($7.95) they sent me a 1.69oz size that fits in my purse. A little goes a long way with this product. The warm vanilla scent is not too overpowering. My hands ALWAYS need moisture and this product does the trick. I usually have my AVON lotion but I will be switching over to Honey House Naturals. I let my boss try it and she wanted to order some immediately! This gets 5 LGPs!

3. Bee Bar-($11.94) they sent me a LARGE. HOLY COW, a full sized sample! This is by far my most favorite product of the bunch. I must use something to moisturize my feet daily! I have used Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream but my staple is AVON’s Intensive Callus Cream. I am making the switch from my Avon product over to Honey House Naturals because it lasted! My feet were not ashy for  two days! This is a miracle.

This product comes in a gorgeous, round tin. Don’t worry, it is easy to remove because of the lip on the lid. The scent I was sent is vanilla. The bar is the size of a small doughnut and fits perfectly in my hand. I smooth my feet immediately after getting out of the shower. Then I apply the bee bar and wear cotton socks while I apply makeup and get ready for work. I remove my socks just before heading out the door. Again, my feet were smooth for two days! I will be reordering this product and getting rid of my tubes of the Avon product.

Natural products

I can’t live without this any longer!

This gets 5LGPs!

4. Shampoo and Conditioner-(sample size) they sent me the Honey Hawaiian in both. The scent alone made me want to keep using it. However, my hair is very dry and color-treated so I don’t recommend this if you need extra TLC for your hair. It made my hair smell wonderful but didn’t take my frizz away. This would be great for a tween or someone who just has naturally great hair. This gets 3 LGPs!

5. Bar Soap-(sample size) they sent me a Honey scented mini bar of soap. This smells amazing but seems to lose its lather pretty easily. I know that this is because it doesn’t have all of that junk in it. If you use bar soap I recommend this! When you visit their website you will see that it is wrapped beautifully which is perfect for gift giving! This gets 4 LGPs!

6. Bee Butter– (sample size) they sent me a small sample of this and I can see why. This body butter is very rich and a little goes a long way. Of course the smell was to die for and the consistency was thick. I can totally see using this on very dry skin or even a sunburn. I had my daughter use it on her crusty elbows and they weren’t crusty for days after. I used it on my stomach and loved how hit made my skin feel. The smell might fight with a perfume but if you wear it alone you should smell like heaven. This gets 4 LGPs!

7. Belly Bar-(sample size) this product should be owned by all new moms! I used it on my cuticles. It is sold in a bar so I can’t recommend for cuticles but it would be perfect for any dry skin. This would be great for your man because the smell is light and fresh! This gets 4 LGPs!

As you can see all of these products are a 4 or better. If you are a natural products girl this is your company. Honey House Naturals is based out of WA, in the Pacific Northwest and all products are made in the United States. The best thing is that this is a 100% woman owned company! Go Girls!

I hope you will give them a visit and use the code they have activated for you!

Use brunette14 over at Honey House Naturals,  this will be active until June 25th. Belly Bars are on sale right now so stock up!

You can also find them on Facebook and Google Plus.


***The products reviewed were sent to me, free of charge. I have not been paid to do this review. Thank you Honey House Naturals!