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My First Christmas

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This year is my first Christmas for many reasons. I wanted to share them with you because some of it is good and some of it is bad. This is my first Christmas as a grandmother to Mia Claire. I haven’t enjoyed the holidays since starting my divorce in 2004. The girls were always pulled…

A Beautiful Birth Story

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      If you haven’t been following me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram then you wouldn’t know my EXCITING news. I became a MiMi to a beautiful Mia Claire last Sunday. I was up at 7 AM on Sunday to let my dogs out so I checked my phone. To my surprise there was…

Don’t Call Me Grandma

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Don’t EVER call me grandma! I feel entirely too young to be a grandma right now. Then again, I will be 40 once the baby is born. That does make me feel a bit better about this. I could see the fear in her eyes. Her boyfriend just stood by and waited for my reaction….

Happy Birthday Brother

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Today is the birthday of an accomplished man. Today is the day he would have been 28. Today is the day that his five year old son would have helped him celebrate his birthday by blowing out candles on his cake. My brother, Barry D. Scott, Jr. lived a lifetime in just a few short…

Georgia On My Mind

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As you know from this post I was excited to make a quick trip to Georgia with my daughter. This was originally right after my trip but it has been two weeks now and I can shorten my post a bit. The first thing I said to my mom was that she looked so much…