Intensive Youth Eye Gel by Radha Beauty

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Radha Beauty Intensive Youth Eye Gel is definitely worth a try. Not all skin is made the same and neither is all skin care. This eye gel promises to relieve dark under eye circles, puffiness, dryness, and sagging around the eyes. More specifically it promises a youthful texture around the eyes. What exactly does a…

Beaming White Deluxe Teeth Whitening Kit

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Do you drink coffee? How about tea? Perhaps you celebrate 5 o’clock with a glass or two of wine. If you are anything like me you drink or eat something that is staining your teeth. You may not even realize that your teeth are stained because you are so used to the color they are…

Gabriel Cosmetics Classic Platinum Palette

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I am so excited  to tell you about the Gabriel Cosmetics Classic Platinum Palette. First of all, this is the first company to send me make up so THANK YOU Gabriel Cosmetics. Second of all, they sent the PERFECT palette. Gabriel Cosmetics is synonymous for creating vegan, gluten-free, and paraben free products. They use grape seed…

Evian Facial Spray

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Get ready to be schooled about Evian Facial Spray. Hard to believe but this spray is tested 300 times a day for quality and unique mineral content. There is no other facial spray with the same mineral content.  Interestingly enough, Evian Facial Spray was originally created for burn patients. It has been used in France…

Limited Edition Makeup by One Direction Review

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This can be a very merry Christmas for the tween or teen in your life. The new limited edition makeup by One Direction will make her squeal with delight. These limited edition tins offer bold shades and fun for each girl that receives one. The best thing is that they are priced just right for any budget….