Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask


I am not a huge mask user because I usually forget that I have them. The ones that I have used worked well but nothing spectacular. That all changed when I used the Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask.

This mask will draw out impurities and excess oil and infuses skin with Dead Sea minerals and essential oils. It is free of sulfates, phosphates, parabens or chemicals of any kind. You know that makes me happy! It contains only 100% pure, natural and certified organic ingredients. Used weekly it can reduce blemishes, blackheads and eczema. Blackheads seem to be a common problem amongst many people so this is great to reduce their visibility. To get rid of blackheads completely, they do need to be extracted from the face. If you use this treatment in the shower, it’ll be great for your skin but also the heat of the shower can open your pores so that you can then extract the blackheads once you’re out of the shower. If blackheads are something that really bothers you, this mask and the details from Renee Rouleau Blog can help you conquer them. Soon enough, you’ll be rid of blackheads altogether. This mask really is a blessing and usually, this kind of treatment at a spa can run you about $100 or so. If you have an Amazon account, you can purchase it on Amazon for a fraction of that cost.

When I opened the container the smell was not inviting at all but I really wanted to try it so I slapped it onto my face. The consistency was thick but spreadable similar to pudding. I made sure to steer clear of my delicate eye area and applied to the rest of my face and half way down my neck. HOLY HELL! This stuff burned when I first applied it but by the time I got down to the neck it had stopped. I took a look at the ingredients and there is peppermint oil in it. That makes complete sense and felt really good after it calmed down a bit.

I left it on for the recommended 10 minutes and then used a washcloth to remove the dried mask. It took a while to remove it all and the mask stained my white washcloth.

My face felt baby soft and my pores were practically invisible. The mask did exactly what it advertises. It made my skin look and feel fresh. I would recommend this for anyone needing some help with large pores or oily skin. I also allowed my 14 year old, acne faced daughter try it and she loved it too. It may be too harsh for sensitive or dry skin. If you do purchase just remember the burning sensation will go away! If you suffer from acne too, this mask may help, but a long term solution would be to seek professional help such as Skin Care by Robyn.

**I was provided this product free from Brand Backer. The opinions included are 100% mine.

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