Dressing Your Teen For Homecoming in 2014


Dressing your teen for homecoming can be a compromising time for both of you. Here is why.

She is only 14. She loves to shop. She is impressionable. She wants cute.

(Imagine that to some Ed Sheeran beat)

Let me show you what my daughter and I found online while dress shopping for homecoming. I was very shocked at what is considered appropriate of a “junior/teen”. Don’t get me wrong, some ladies (grown women) can fit into these dresses but I wish there was a way to separate these into an “inappropriate for teens” page.

Can you say Pretty Woman?

Can you say Pretty Woman?

This is more for Kim Kardashian than it is for any teen in high school.

This is more for Kim Kardashian

than it is for a teen in high school.

This is all boobs and legs. Just what I want my 14 year old daughter wearing in front of hormone enraged boys.

All boobs and leg. Not what I need

some hormone enraged high school

boy looking at.

Not only am I going to show you some leg but I am going to tease you with some waist and hip too. And don't forget boobs!

I will show you legs and boobs in this

AND I will tease you with some hip and

waist skin too, NO PANTIES! With maybe the exception of a strapless bra.


Now after all that, I want to show you the ideal dress. This is the dress that I believe to be a great compromise for me and my daughter. I am loving that hair too! As my daughter would say, That Hair Though…

This dress covers the cleavage. (My daughter has too much for 14). It also appears to go mid thigh. I believe the back is partly covered as well.

This is the dress I would have loved

for my daughter. It covers the cleavage

and it goes about mid thigh.

That hair tho!

My daughter and I compromised even MORE! Here is the dress we chose together.

I got the price point I wanted with some coverage and she got something cute and stylish. She is going to pair with some colorful jewelry and shoes. I would have still liked something that covered the bosom but I can’t win them all.

As a mother I cherished spending time shopping for dresses with my daughter. I hope that she looks back on it and remembers the laughs we had.

What is your daughter wearing to homecoming? What compromises did you make?

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4 Replies to “Dressing Your Teen For Homecoming in 2014”

  1. We haven’t had to face home coming yet but I’m sweating it! Thankfully my girls, ages 13 & 14, are so far very conservative and think that boys are more or less annoying and immature. Let’s hope this lasts until they are at least 30. 😉

    1. You are lucky to have conservative girls! I wonder if were we live makes a difference in the influence they are under. Of course how we are raising them makes a huge difference too.
      Thanks for stopping by Christy!

  2. I went through this with my 17 years old niece a couple of years ago. It didn’t take me long to realize that she wasn’t choosing to dress like a prostitute. There simply weren’t any other options available. And I love the hair too!

    1. RIGHT! Jen, it is so hard because she sees these dresses and some are cute but they just don’t cover anything. Even a grown woman wearing some of these is shocking!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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