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If you are a woman you probably color your hair. Some of you go to a salon and pay who knows what for it. Some of you go to the drugstore and pick up your favorite brand and have some money left over. Some of you are like me and mix your own from Sally Beauty Supply. Well now you can get the salon color with the at home price with eSalon.

As a Bzz Agent I get to try new products and this is one of my favorites! Like I told you earlier, I mix my own hair color from Sally. I have been doing this for over 10 years and have always gotten stellar results. My stylists always compliment my color application and color. This works for me because I don’t have highlights or anything special going on. I am just a brunette and I like to keep it that way.

At first I was skeptical of the esalon product  because I don’t want to use a boxed hair color. However, I decided to give it a try and boy am I glad I did!

My personalized eSalon box.


My name was literally all over the packaging for this bundle. My kit came in a long box and had everything laid out nicely. Each item was clearly marked as to what it was and my name was even on my developer. I got to tell the folks over at eSalon exactly what I wanted to do with my hair. I told them that I currently color my hair a dark brown and I wanted to keep it a dark brown. This is not far from my natural hair color at all. In fact, you really can’t tell that my roots are showing besides the occasional grey rearing it’s ugly head.

This kit included developer,custom color just for my roots, shampoo, conditioner,color remover wipes, gloves, and a stain guard to prevent color from staining my skin. I LOVED that this kit contained just a few extras to help the clean up of coloring my hair. I ordered extra stuff in my kit just to get the whole experience. I added some clips to help separate my hair, a timer, and a bowl with a brush for application. Now I didn’t use all of that for this application but I may eventually.

esalon kit
Contents of my eSalon kit!
color kit
My customized color kit from eSalon

The Process

I read the directions thoroughly,however, I decided to do what I always do when coloring my hair. ESalon directions wanted me to separate my hair into four sections. I don’t do that because I am just doing my roots. If I were changing color altogether then I may separate. I also didn’t use the stain guard around my hair line because I have been doing this for MANY years and I have  my technique down. If you are new to coloring your hair you should use the stain guard!

I put on my gloves and got to work. I added my personalized color to the bottle of developer and shook the heck out of it. Then I applied the color directly to my roots, all over my head. After I was done applying I twisted all of my hair up into a hair clip and set my time for 30 minutes. I did notice that the developer was a 20. I usually use a 10 specifically for sensitive scalps. The skin around my temples tingled for a bit but faded with time. I don’t know if it was because of my sensitive skin or the developer being a 20.

The 30 minutes passed quickly and I jumped into the shower to was it all out. I rinsed thoroughly with warm water and then shampooed with the shampoo provided. I noticed that is had sodium sulfate as the second ingredient. I know this is bad for colored hair, however this shampoo felt and smelled glorious. I followed up with the conditioner provided and it smelled and felt awesome as well.

The point was to not see much, if any, of a difference. I am very happy with the results.

My results. Before is a greasy, unwashed head, After is a freshly colored, clean head.
I am VERY happy with the results.


I styled my hair as usual with a blow dryer and paddle brush after applying the Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil. The oil was something I added to my kit. I am glad I did. My hair color is perfect and my hair is so soft. I have to wait until Monday to see if anyone notices that I freshened up my color. I am very pleased with the process and the color itself. I would recommend eSalon for anyone who either wants to change their color or just wants to freshen up their current color. If you are a highlights or special effects hair color gal then this may not be the right product for you. The price point of $19.99 is perfect for at home application with salon results.

You can get 50% off a recurring order by using this link!

*I received my kit for free for being a Bzz Agent. The opinions contained here are 100% mine.



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8 Replies to “eSalon Hair Color Review”

  1. Hello! I was wondering….you got the “Dark Brown” but did you have a neutralizer in your formula at all? 🙂 Love the color! Thank you! Oh, also, would you consider it a neutral brown? Really really curious if you had a neutralizer.

    1. Lindsay, thanks for stopping by! If it had a neutralizer I did not know it. There was nothing in the package labeled as a neutralizer.

  2. I need to do something with my hair–it is a bit cuter looking now that I had my bangs trimmed, but I need something more! May have to check this out 😉

    1. I really like the results I got. I was not expecting them to be so spot on. I love your color by the way!

  3. Your results were fantastic. You can’t even tell that there is a color line from your last treatment. I am so glad you were happy with the results. I have had so many hair nightmares in the past that I have vowed to never do my hair myself again.


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