Limited Edition Makeup by One Direction Review


This brunette blogs one direction limited edition make up review

This can be a very merry Christmas for the tween or teen in your life. The new limited edition makeup by One Direction will make her squeal with delight. These limited edition tins offer bold shades and fun for each girl that receives one. The best thing is that they are priced just right for any budget.

There is a limited edition tin for each band member and they include eye shadow, an eye pencil, lip gloss, lip gloss top coat, and nail polish. The eye shadows are named after the band’s songs and and in a plastic, shallow pan. The shadow colors are pretty and pigmented however they would not be ideal for daytime wear. The eye pencil is described as a matte black however it seemed to smear too easily even with an eye primer. The lip gloss colors are very translucent and don’t offer much. They faded pretty quickly when applied and felt heavy. The silver top coat would be perfect for a Halloween costume but not much more. The one item in the tins that stood the test of time were the nail polishes. They are bright and go on smooth. These are ideal alone or as a topcoat for some extra pizazz.

Who should buy this? Any mom that wants to make their One Direction obsessed daughter’s Christmas.

Who shouldn’t buy this? Any female that is a makeup lover.

The sets are currently available at Sears, Kmart, Target, and Canada Walmart’s.
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