Maxine Dean Eye De-Puffing Kit


The Maxine Dean Eye De-Puffing Kit is your answer to a spa treatment at home. This kit is specially designed for the delicate area around your eyes.  The eye de-puffing gel targets your eye area problems with one step and makes it fun!

TBH I was totally skeptical when I first found out about this kit. I actually said the word ‘Gimmicky’ over and over in my head. Not wanting to be a naysayer right away, I figured I would give it an honest try. Let me describe what we are working with here. My eye area has some fine lines and wrinkles. I do have some slight yellowing right under my eyes but nothing major. The one major issue I have is actually very hard to describe so bear with me. Immediately under my discoloration and right above my cheekbone I have what I call crocodile skin. It’s like blotches of built up skin. Needless to say I have not been able to find anything to combat it.

My Experience

I used the Maxine Dean Eye De-Puffing Kit for about three weeks. I only used it in my night-time routine because who has time in the morning. After cleansing and exfoliating my face I used the tool and gel as directed. I LOVE the design of the gel package. You push the top down and the clear gel comes out of a small hole. It’s easy to get less or more gel based on how far you push the top down. The advantage to this design is that there is less product waste. The gel is clear and thin. It went on evenly and got sticky after being on the skin for some time.  It didn’t feel as though it totally soaked into my skin.

The ionic vibrating wand felt awesome on my eye area. The vibration was light and not disturbing to my eye area at all. The metal was cool and smooth to the touch. The directions suggested four different application techniques. I found all of them to be comfortable and used them throughout the three-week trial.

maxine dean eye de puffing kit

My Results

I saw a decreased amount puffiness right away. It didn’t necessarily keep the puffiness away but I could see that it made a difference when I kept up with it. I had really hoped to see some help with my “crocodile” skin area but it was no help. Perhaps with continued use I would see many more results. Overall, this kit did a great job of de-puffing and moisturizing my eye area which is what it claims to do.

I would recommend this product for any skin type. It would be recommended to also use the whole jar of product. I am sure the results would be amazing.

Retail $69.99 at Maxine Dean

Thank you Maxine Dean for providing this product for review purposes.  

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