Meet This Brunette

meet Melissa of This Brunette Blogs

This is were you can find my view on makeup, skincare, and my crazy family.  My approach to life is very laid back and calm but I love adventure and excitement. Thank you for visiting This Brunette Blogs.

I am the mama of two daughters, Meghann, born in 1993, and Mallory, born in 2000. Meghann gave me two precious grandchildren, Mia Claire and Marques Antonio. I absolutely LOVE being a Mimi! When I am not with my family you will find me napping, watching a movie, or blogging.

We live in beautiful, sunny Arizona under one roof. It is pretty crazy most days but it keeps me young! You can see me interact with my family on Instagram stories and Facebook.  Social media and interacting with brands are my guilty pleasures. Instagram is my absolute favorite platform and the place I post most often. So come follow me on IG

I am a Georgia peach at heart and grew up in Savannah. I spent my weekends at the beach without any sunscreen. That is why I focus so much on skincare. Under my mask of makeup I have terrible skin. I regret not taking better care of my skin when younger. Admittedly, I am always on the hunt for the next great product that will produce the results that I need.  PLEASE tell me about the products you love on any of my social channels.

Thank you again for following my chaotic life! If we should be friends please reach out so I don’t take a nap instead.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can email me anytime