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It’s The Little Things

It really is the little things that make me so very happy. Yesterday was Mothers Day and it was a nice day for me and my girls. I love seeing their smiles. Until my girls were about 10 I always made them write Thank You notes to anyone who gave them a gift. This is something my family never did. I found that it was important to do this because…

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Don’t Call Me Grandma

Don’t EVER call me grandma! I feel entirely too young to be a grandma right now. Then again, I will be 40 once the baby is born. That does make me feel a bit better about this. I could see the fear in her eyes. Her boyfriend just stood by and waited for my reaction. I can only imagine what my reaction looked like to the both of them. I…

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You Can’t Handle The Truth

That’s right, YOU, can’t handle the truth. We have all had that moment when we read someone’s post or look at their photos on Facebook and think ” I wish that was me”. Don’t lie. We all have a handful of friends that post about EVERY flipping amazing trip they take. It makes us INSANELY jealous because either we don’t have the funds or we just can’t get away because…

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Happy Birthday Brother

Today is the birthday of an accomplished man. Today is the day he would have been 28. Today is the day that his five year old son would have helped him celebrate his birthday by blowing out candles on his cake. My brother, Barry D. Scott, Jr. lived a lifetime in just a few short years. He was a soldier, husband, father, son, brother, uncle, and Phoenix police officer. He…

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