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Have you ever been frustrated because you just couldn’t find the right item to finish decorating a room? It’s the last thing that you need to do before making your room complete, yet you still can’t find the perfect piece. After gaining some bedroom design inspiration from places like Collov, (, you’ve been able to redecorate your room in record time. It looks great too. So, why is it so hard to find that last item to finish it all off? Surely, it shouldn’t take this long? I have been looking for the piece De resistance for my bedroom for over a year and I finally gave up. That was until I was contacted by Photowall. It took me all of two seconds and one look at their website to decide I wanted to work with them.

When landing on the Photowall website I was presented the choice to select a wall mural, canvas print, or to upload my own image. I spent three hours trying to make a decision I wouldn’t regret! Because once the decision has been made, you can’t go back. So, it was important to make sure that I made the right choice before proceeding further with the transaction. Over the last few weeks, my friend has been raving about canvas photos and how she’s made them through this Personalized Photo Gifts website. All she kept telling me was how good they looked, and I have to agree, they looked amazing. So, I was sure to look at the canvas prints during my research process. This was probably why it took me so long. The easy task was being able to sort the selections by room or color.

Photowall Canvas Print
Here is my boring room before Photowall.

Wall Murals

The wall murals have over 3000 motifs from over 70 designers from around the world. They include categories like beaches, skies, animals, fantasy, and so many more. My favorite category in the wall murals is the Cities. There are so many to choose from and pages of black and white, color, and sepia designs. Paris anyone?

Canvas Prints

The canvas prints have the same motif options on a smaller scale. When landing on the canvas page you can see what a print looks like above a couch or bed or on the dining room wall. The color options and designs are endless. From bright colorful canvas prints to black and white prints Melbourne, the canvas prints are available all around the world to purchase at a fingertip. Another great thing is that you get to choose the size that works best for your space. You can purchase the canvas alone or with a do-it-yourself frame kit. I opted for the frame kit because I don’t do anything home wise exceptionally well and need step by step instructions.

My room is black, white, and grey with pops of red and pink. I have used a mixture of wallpaper and paint on my walls in the past to keep my home looking fresh. I ultimately chose what is described as the Red Buddha from the Religion and Symbols category. It’s really RED ya’ll. I went very bold with this selection because I’m bougie/booshie like that. (BTW, Urban Dictionary uses both spellings similarly) I actually LOVE my selection but I didn’t measure and need a bigger wall. Didn’t I mention that I don’t do anything home related well?

Custom Wallpaper-Design Your Own Mural

Do you have an image you absolutely love? Do you want to stare at your baby or animal in larger than life form? The custom wallpaper design tool is the way to go. You can even get a free personal assistant to help with the sizing.

photowall canvas
Landing page for picking out your design and measurements.

My Photowall Experience

I received my package through DHL shippers and the boxes were damaged. However, there was no damage to the product. The canvas came rolled up and was very well protected. The framing kit came in a separate box with very thorough instructions. It took about 45 minutes to assemble the frame and another 10 minutes to attach the canvas onto the frame.

Photowall Canvas Print
I am in love with this print despite getting it TOO big.

Overall my experience with Photowall was amazing and I would actually plan a room around one of their prints or murals. The quality of the print is amazing. The colors are vivid and true. I would recommend taking all the time you need before making a final selection. They are all so pretty and will tempt you no matter your style.

Thank you to Photowall for sending this beautiful print for review.

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