Shout Out Monday with Manda A. Photography

Shout Out Monday with Manda A. Photography It is my pleasure to introduce you to a very talented young lady by the name of Amanda Aponte. She is the photographer behind the lens of Manda A. Photography. I have known Amanda since 2008 and she always has a smile on her face and something positive to say. My daughters and I have had two photo shoots with Manda A. Photography…

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Introducing Shout Out Monday

This is the first in an ongoing series I will be doing. It’s called Shout Out Monday! Do you see my awesome logo? You know the brunette with the sunflower above her head? I want to give Aaron Hill at Primary Website Design a shout out for creating it for me. I have known him since high school and he is so smart it hurts my brain. Is that even possible?…

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