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Blended Conference Benefits

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Who doesn’t love to share good news? My good news is that I am an ambassador for the upcoming Blended Conference in Arizona. This means I get to share good news about how awesome this conference is. The benefits of this conference seem to be endless but you get to decide what fits your blog…

A Time of Thanks

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When I saw today’s SITS GIRLS blogging challenge of creating a list of what I am thankful for I got excited. However when it came to creating my list it was more difficult. I am thankful for so much but I was able to narrow it down to 10. Enjoy! Family Of course my family…

Quick, Dirty, and Cake

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Yes you read that right, Quick, Dirty, and Cake No, it doesn’t mean what you think, I planned to recap my trip to Georgia but I can get this one out quicker. Besides, that title should better bring in more readers! You know how excited I was for this event! If you follow me on…