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Maxine Dean Eye De-Puffing Kit

The Maxine Dean Eye De-Puffing Kit is your answer to a spa treatment at home. This kit is specially designed for the delicate area around your eyes.  The eye de-puffing gel targets your eye area problems with one step and makes it fun! TBH I was totally skeptical when I first found out about this kit. I actually said the word ‘Gimmicky’ over and over in my head. Not wanting…

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The Hidden Gem KB Shimmer

Have you ever found a product that you wished you’d known about since it’s inception? I just found that in KB Shimmer. I can’t quite remember how I got connected with their PR rep but I am so happy that I did. This company has a humble beginning and is here to stay! KB Shimmer actually started with bath and body products and has grown to include a gorgeous nail…

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Evian Facial Spray

Get ready to be schooled about Evian Facial Spray. Hard to believe but this spray is tested 300 times a day for quality and unique mineral content. There is no other facial spray with the same mineral content.  Interestingly enough, Evian Facial Spray was originally created for burn patients. It has been used in France since 1962 and in the United States since 1978. You can drink Evian water and…

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