blister shoes

I know everyone has those things that make you go hmm. Well I have many, there may be too many to put in this list.

  1. Going to a public bathroom and expecting it to NOT smell like death. HMM

  2. Going into a public bathroom and expecting to NOT sit sideways because the person who designed it is an idiot. This person is obviously not a man! HMM

  3. Getting a new pair of shoes and NOT expecting to get a blister. The kicker is that you don’t carry some band aids with you! I am guilty of that this week. HMM

  4. Buying a coffee, ordering it extra hot, and then trying to sip it right away. Stupid ass! I have done this on many occasions. HMM

  5. Going to your local Wally world and not expecting to see someone dressed like a hoodlum, a hooker, or not dressed at all. HMM

  6. Putting all of your business on Facebook and then getting mad at those people that voice an opinion about your business. You have to be kidding me with this one. HMM

  7. Wearing clothes that don’t fit your body type and expecting to pick up a mate. This is clearly not going to happen UNLESS they don’t seem to care about your body type. But ladies, please cover that mess. If you have a muffin top then your clothes DO NOT fit properly. HMM

  8. Working on third shift and expecting to get a great DAY of sleep. You know when delivery men ring the bell, businesses call to confirm things, and the dogs bark at anything. I have done this for almost four months and it sucks big time. HMM

  9. Thinking that you won’t have to buy your child new clothes next season because you JUST bought them some THIS season. Hello, they are growing and will require new clothes every season. This hurts my wallet every year. My 13 year old could be the death of me. HMM

  10. Doing the same thing every day but expecting different results. This is clearly the definition of insanity. If you want to lose weight, move. If you are not happy, do things that make you happy. If you want something, go after it. HMM

I know some of you can echo my list of things that make you go HMM. Please comment with any that I may have skipped over in this list.

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blister shoes
The shoes that cause blisters but look oh so damn cute!

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