The Top 10 Reasons I Love the Holidays


For my very first list I present the top 10 reasons I love the holidays.

1. Cold weather. This is by far the best thing about this time of year, especially living in AZ.
2. Baking goodies. Who doesn’t love making cookies and pies? I overindulge more at this time of year.
3. Shopping. Hello, maybe this should have been number 1! I spoil my girls and myself.
4. Wearing boots. Secretly I like not having to worry about on point pedicure/shaving my legs.
5. Visiting the snow for the weekend. We do this every year and even bring the dogs.
6. Wearing red, green and anything sparkly. Need I say more?
7. Scarves. One of the best accessories on the planet and perfect for the holiday season.
8. Everything pumpkin! Candles, pie, cookies, bread, lotion, etc.
9. Decor. I really love seeing the creativity that other people possess. It makes me jealous and happy!
10. Getting gifts. I am shameless when it comes to this one. I even make a list for my boyfriend. I’ve been dropping hints at him to get me the Thin Lizzy collection… I’ve written it down AND hinted at him so he better not forget!

Snow dogs in AZ

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