Tophatter Tips

tophatter tips

If you like to shop then Tophatter is for you! I got to experience Tophatter first hand by shopping and bidding on items I liked. It reminded me of an old school bidding website only hyped up on steroids. My head got a bit dizzy with how quickly things happened. Let me run through a typical transaction.

tophatter tips

I downloaded the Tophatter app to my iPhone and was able to quickly create an account. From there I was able to immediately start bidding on items Iiked. Tophatter features many different types of items like jewelry, handbags, coins, toys, and much more.  I was immediately drawn to the jewelry and decided that was what I would bid on. I focused on the rings in particular because they featured larger sizes. I like to wear a ring on my middle finger and have a hard time finding a size 10. Tophatter made my search so much easier.

The varieties of ring designs were vast and beautiful. Not only was there large cocktail style rings but there was a style for every taste.  I chose a silver banded ring with a black square stone. I picked this ring because it was simple and I wanted something with a black stone.  Things get a bit more complicated after choosing an item to bid on.

The bidding happens really quickly and you can’t really shop per say. I would recommend staying focused on the item that you intend to purchase because you could be outbid very quickly and at the last minute. Every time you or anyone else places a bid it extends the auction by 10 seconds.  You have the ability to “heart” an item so that you can get reminders when it goes up for auction. The reminders go right to your phone and are super convenient.

The one thing that frustrated me about the app is that you MUST pay for your item before being able to bid on other items.  I decided that I didn’t want two of the items I bid on and was blocked from bidding on the app permanently. My advice is that you take your time and bid on items you know you won’t back out of to prevent the issues that I had.

Have you ever used Tophatter? Show me what you won!


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